Chillin’ at Bali Satay House, London: A Review

Groovin’ with the Tunes

So, picture this: I’m at Bali Satay House in New Barnet, and it’s music night. This vocal guitar duo is hitting us with some power ballads – Whitney, Michael Jackson, and a detour to The Girl from Ipanema. But hold up, my fried sea bass is stealing the spotlight. The older crew next to me isn’t feeling the vibe, though. They’re in a polite suburban rebellion, complaining they can’t hear themselves think. No worries, the waiters got it covered – they dial down the live music, and peace is restored.

Off the Beaten Path

Now, as a diehard south Londoner, I’m feeling like I’ve taken a trip to the ends of the earth. Way up north on the Northern line, a 10-minute walk down a dark suburban road – it’s an adventure. I’ve traveled far for food before, like flying to Inverness for lunch or taking three trains for dinner in Wales, but this feels like uncharted territory.

Into the Bali Vibes

Finally, after an Odysseus-worthy journey, I step into a bright, white-walled dining room decked out in intricate Balinese textiles. Chairs, tables, even the floor – all wrapped in the same toffee-colored fabric. I’m low-key fantasizing about a suit made from this stuff. Blend in with the surroundings, you know? Dangly lamps, some faux greenery by the loos, and a basket-hang situation – the real action is on the table.

Menu Exploration

A reader tipped me off about Bali Satay House, seeing it as a partner to Supawan Thai in King’s Cross. Good call. The menu is a mix of familiar words with some unexpected twists. It kicks off with warm peanut crackers with lemongrass vibes, accompanied by a fiery sambal that nearly gives me hiccups. Quick hiccup cure chat – mine involves imagining a balloon and taking a deep breath.

Satay Extravaganza

As the name suggests, satay takes center stage. Mackerel satay shows up as spiced fishcakes, and they’re a fun chat-over dish. But let’s talk about the chicken satay – smoky grilled chunks under a peanut-stew blanket. Sweet, salty, rich – the real star of the show. I’m thinking of taking a tub of this sauce home for everything in my fridge.

Vegan Delights

Surprisingly, the menu is big on plant-based options. Sweetcorn fritters, reminiscent of Myanmar vibes, are crispy and bursting with heat-blistered kernels. The vegan salad steals the spotlight with cucumber, green beans, basil, and green aubergine in a thick peanut-coconut dressing. It’s like a salad turning main event.

Dive into the Main Course

Beef rendang is galangal-rich with a thick, glossy gravy – not your usual crispy rendang, but still a flavor powerhouse. Flash-fried sea bass in sweet-sour sauce, accompanied by sesame seed-flecked jasmine rice, is a hit. Staff, in their Balinese shirts, are cheering us on, and we’re having a blast.

Sweet Endings

Dessert time calls for banana fritters with honey, a bit heavy but saved by grainy coconut ice-cream. The real winners, though, are sweet potato dumplings with sesame crust and brown sugar caramel ooze. Indonesian beer, Swedish cider, and spirits – they got you covered.

The Real Entertainment

Live music on Thursdays and Balinese dancing on Wednesdays – it’s a party. But honestly, the real showstopper is the food. No complaints about live tunes here, just good vibes and great eats at Bali Satay House.