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Why is there a green line on my iPhone?

American tech giant Apple is famous for its high-quality iPhone mobiles that people worldwide use and consider a status symbol. Additionally, many users always ask, Why is there a green line on my iPhone? Keep reading this article to know about this problem. Many people use it for its entirely secure privacy policy. However, did you know the display of an iPhone can get a vertical line from top to bottom? It is not a software issue, so software updates cannot solve your problem. Because of this, many iPhone users, especially iPhone X users, have green lines on their screens. Because of this, they usually replace it with another one. So, the appearance of a green line on the screen is most probably a hardware problem.

Unfortunately, you cannot find the treatment for this problem on the Apple customer support forum; therefore, we will tell you some possible explanations for removing the green lines.

Read the article thoroughly to learn more about this problem and possible solutions.

Why is there a green line on my iPhone?

Many people can only ask the experts why there is a green line on my iPhone, but cannot have the solution. We found Hardware issues are the main reason for the unwanted green lines appearing on iPhone screens. Many people have noticed this problem in the iPhone X lineup, which comes with an OLED display; however, we have never reported such an issue from previous iPhone users. So it clarifies that the OLED show is the main reason behind these green lines that run from top to bottom. Furthermore, the OLED screen has subpixels that disturb the pixel pattern leading to green lines due to inconsistent electrical power and poor motherboard.

How to fix this problem?

As I said before, you can quickly resolve this issue if you are keen and know in detail how to eliminate these green lines.

Many people will think that restarting can fix the issue. However, this is not the solution because, as I mentioned above, those green lines are the consequences of hardware issues, not software. We found that some users could get rid of these lines for a brief time, but it didn’t work for long, and the lines returned.

Below in this article, you find some possible solutions to help you get rid of this issue. But remember in mind these are not permanent solutions to the problems.

  1. Restarting the iPhone.

As I said earlier, rebooting is not the permanent solution for this issue, but it can help you eliminate green lines for some time.

You have to press the Power On/Off button and Volume down button simultaneously; after that, you will get the Restart arrow on the screen, which you have to slide swipe towards the right. After some time, your phone will restart again.

  1. Recovery mood.

To complete this step, you need to update your mobile or restore all your data, including cache and viruses.

Follow the instructions provided to you below.

  1. Link your device with the computer through a USB wire.
  2. To perform the actions, go to the iTunes store.
  3. Quickly press the Volume down and up button and hold the power button.
  4. Now, iTunes will demonstrate the restore and update options.
  5. Press the update choice, which will allow you to obtain the latest version on your smartphone.

OLED display’s issue.

We know that OLED screens provide high-quality colors that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any image. Although OLED screens are wholly contemporary and well-built, they have issues and problems.

OLED displays cause burn-in issues, and the green lines emerge on the screen due to an unstable electrical supply.

In addition, Apple is also trying hard to fix this problem since the technology giant will never put up with these ugly lines on its phones.

Which iPhone has green lines on the screen?

Among all the other iPhone models, people have found hardware issues with the screen on iPhone X. Models below the iPhone X have never had this trouble since they had LCDs; however, the iPhone X comes with an OLED display.

Are you the only one facing this problem?

You are not the only iPhone user with this problem; however, many people encounter a similar issue. It is still unknown why the disease occurs, and there is no permanent cure.


So reading this article thoroughly and carefully might have answered the question of why is there a green line on my iphone?

Green lines will make your iPhone display look terrible, so you don’t want this condition and want to eliminate it on your device. But unluckily, there are no permanent solutions, and the only solution available is to replace your iPhone.

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