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What is Intel NUC?

If you’re big into gaming, you have probably seen the term ‘NUC’ flying around. Perhaps you’re techy and have a good grasp of what this is. However, if you’re new to gaming, or simply have just got around to looking up what this actually means, this article will explore Intel NUC and fill you in on some of the basics regarding this neat system!

So, What is NUC Exactly?

Well, NUC is made by Intel and it stands for ‘Next Unit of Computing. You’re probably no further forward at this point, so let’s explore this a little deeper.

Like many technology companies, Intel have decided to downsize and create a powerful machine in a smaller package. NUC is essentially an ultra small PC, but don’t let its size put you off; it still packs a punch when it comes to the power itself.

Whilst NUC’s have been produced for a number of years, they have recently gained popularity on the gaming circuit. They are an extremely versatile system, as you can purchase kits which allow you to effectively custom build a machine to your own specifications. These come without RAM or even an operating system, so you do have to know what you’re doing to build a personalized NUC from scratch. However, the off the shelf varieties will be more than enough for most users.

NUCs are also lightweight and travel well, which is great for someone who just wants to plug and play on a TV for example. Off the shelf versions come in a variety of different specifications including processors and memory, just like a normal PC, so there is plenty of room for choosing a specification that will meet your needs.

So, What is the Benefit of an NUC?

Primarily, the main benefit of an NUC is the size. It’s ideal for those that want to travel around with more power than an average laptop, but it’s also extremely useful if you have little space on your desk, and for businesses that have workers in small cubicles.

As far as gaming goes, you’re going to get the same amazing quality you’ll get with any gaming PC, provided you choose the right specification for your needs. Lenovo have some great options for NUC gaming computers which vary in price and specification so check out their website if you’re interested in purchasing one.

Are There Any Downsides to an NUC?

The negatives to purchasing an NUC machine are minimal. They can be a little more expensive than their larger counterparts, although in recent years, they have dropped in price. The only really negative is that if you buy an ‘off the shelf’ NUC as opposed to one of the self build versions, then your customization options will be limited. This is largely because the processors inside the unit are hard wired to the motherboard, making adaptions problematic.

In general, though, an NUC is a great option for anyone looking for a smaller gaming PC, especially If you want to pick up your computer and plug it into any monitor/TV.

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