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What I Wore Today

What I Wore Today

A 24-year-old British blogger, ‘What I Wore Today‘, posts pictures of herself in various outfits on her blog each day of the year. Her unique style tips and designer dresses have earned her followers both in the fashion world and on the male side. Her posts have ranged from a saucy Santa outfit for Christmas Day to a plunging top for National Clevage Day. There is something for every occasion on ‘What I Wore Today’.

Poppy Dinsey’s ‘What I Wore Today’ blog

A fashion fanatic may want to subscribe to Poppy Dinsey’s WhatIWoreToday blog. She shares her outfits on the popular fashion website, and her posts are incredibly popular. The blog is also a great place to find out the latest trends and see what celebrities are wearing. The popular blog is updated regularly, and Poppy is the perfect blogger to follow if you want to see what the latest celebrities are wearing.

Poppy’s What I WoreToday blog was originally designed for her, but today is an amazing resource for fashion lovers. Anyone can upload photos of what they are wearing and tag it so that other users can buy the pieces. The WIWT blog is sponsored by Vodafone, and the brand is a partner. WIWT has become a worldwide phenomenon, and Poppy has even partnered with several high-profile high-street retailers to sell their products.

Vanessa’s ‘Open Thread’

In a recent ‘Open Thread’ letter entitled Let’s Talk About Skinny Jeans,’ Vanessa Friedman discussed the current state of fashion with a picture of models in skinny jeans and towering platforms. She had recently read Levi chief executive Chip Bergh’s assessment that skinny jeans would never go away. In her ‘Open Thread’ letter, Vanessa also shared her experience of balancing work and motherhood.

Open Thread

What i wore today is an Open thread in which members share the outfits they wore today. These threads are a lot of fun because there’s usually a little competition involved, so if you’re feeling a little competitive, this is the place for you! If you’d like to be a part of the contest, please post in the What I Wore Today thread.

Poppy Dinsey’s blog

Despite a university degree, Poppy’s creative writing skills have landed her a job as a marketing manager for a start-up fashion company. She started what i wore today as a hobby, but it soon grew into a lucrative business. Currently, the blog receives 90,000 monthly visits and is considered an instant classic. You can read more about Poppy’s journey on what i wore today.

Her favourite event is London Fashion Week, and she describes her job as “really awesome” – she live tweets and blogs at the shows, and she even interviews pop stars and designers backstage! The best thing about her job is the diversity of her work – she has interviewed most pop stars and fashion designers of the moment! Her readers love the fact that her style is so different from what you’ll find on the catwalk.

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