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Udaariyaan Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update

We’ve already seen that the two of them are in love, but it’s time to find out why! Today’s Udaariyaan written update is all about the two lovers’ love triangle. In this episode, Jasmine asks Fateh if he loves Tejo and he answers in the affirmative. He tells her that he does, but he can’t hate him the way Tejo does.

Angad asks Fateh to wait for seven births for Tejo

Fateh tells Tejo’s grandmother that Tejo made him some food. Tejo’s grandmother is touched by this, and asks him to give him jalebis as shagun, and Fateh agrees. Tejo’s grandmother gets emotional when she sees Fateh’s condition, and cries in Fateh’s arms. The grandmother prays for Tejo.

Jasmine is irritated with Fateh, and tries to scare him with the truth. She tells Fateh that she tried to burn Tejo, but there was no other way. It was impossible for her to take care of Tejo anymore, and Fateh knows it. Fateh asks Tejo to wait for seven births to prove her love.

Fateh scares Jasmine

In the written update of Udaariyaan, Fateh scares Jasmine. This is the first time that a character has done such a thing in the soap. Fateh has scare Jasmine with a torch because he feels bad that she has been betrayed by her lover. He tells her that he has made her suffer because of her betrayal. But Jasmine has a different opinion.

In the next episode, Fateh will confront Jasmine by igniting a hearth in the godown. He wants to make Jasmine feel pain like he made Tejo suffer. Then he will tell her that if she does not confess, everyone will hate her too. But she refuses to confess and takes her child to run away.

Fateh tells Tejo’s grandmother that he will wait for seven births for Tejo

After the first child dies, Fateh decides to wait for seven more to make sure that Tejo will be safe. He also promises to be there for the children’s health. Fateh also promises to make Tejo’s grandmother eat jalebis. Tejo’s grandmother tries to convince Fateh that she’s too young to be a mother, but Fateh is too emotional and starts scaring her repeatedly.

After the seventh child dies, Fateh tries to scare Tejo into a confession by threatening her with a firetorch. This makes Jasmin remember the crime, and Fateh expects her to confess. But Fateh’s suspicion is that she brought Tejo to the godown to provoke him with the fire.

Fateh’s second surprise to Jasmine

Fateh knows all of Jasmine’s lies, fake promises, and drama. In order to make her realize this, he reveals his second surprise to her. The surprise is so devastating that Jasmine is in shock. After tearing up her boarding pass and passport, Fateh tells her he’s still holding two more surprises for her. Jasmine lashes out at Fateh, saying “You have destroyed my dreams.”

After he reveals his plan to Jasmine, Fateh breaks down on the terrace. Tejo, who has been waiting for Fateh to propose, reminds her of how she was rejected by her father when she came to him for help. He recollects the Astrologer’s prediction and asks Rupy if he can trust her. Rupy agrees, and the two men leave together. When Fateh returns, he is frightened. Tejo then takes the stance to defend his father.

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