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Tips and Tricks for Improving the Appeal of Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes are known for their unique structure and sophisticated appearance. These boxes are in the shape of a pillow; these have narrow edges and raised center. The pillow boxes are also famous as these are usually adhesive-free. Therefore, these are some of the most stylish folding boxes. The pillow boxes are used for versatile items. For instance, these are used for candies, apparel items, soaps, cosmetics, jewelry, and more.

The retail industry has great use of pillow boxes. Many manufacturers package a range of their products in pillow boxes. The reason behind its popularity is that it can be modified in many ways. The pillow boxes of various sizes and materials can be made for different items. Thus, the pillow packaging can be customized for numerous items. So custom pillow boxes can be made appealing for many different items.

Tips of Attractive Pillow Boxes:

With the advancement in technology, there are many ways to modify packaging. Also, many materials can be used for embellishments. For this, the manufacturer has to understand the current trends and consider the product. A packaging that matches the contemporary styles will have more audience. While every product has specific requirements, so the packaging must match with the product. Thus, it is safe to say that pillow boxes can be produced in a variety of styles. Here are some tips to increase the appeal of the packaging:

Use Printing:

The best technique to manufacture attractive packaging for any material is to use printing. There are now many advanced printing methods, like embossing, debossing, and spot UV. All these techniques can be used to produce modernized packaging. For example, embossing and debossing will give a three-dimensional appearance to the boxes. Also, spot UV is used to coat the specific area of the packaging. The spot UV is used to coat the specific area of the packing with a UV coat. This coating enhances the appearance of the box.

Give a Window Cut:

The pillow boxes are used for many food and cosmetic items. The packaging for food items must have window cuts to showcase to the customer the product they will receive. For example, pillow boxes are used for candies and chocolate. The window cuts will provide a sneak peek of these items. Also, the window cut in food items helps to stimulate people towards purchase. The window cut pillow boxes can be used for small cosmetics like eyeshadows, eyelashes, and sometimes hair extensions.

Use Ribbons:

The packaging can be decorated with ribbons. The pillow boxes with a ribbon will look sophisticated and also elegant. Moreover, the ribbon is often used to open and close the boxes. Therefore, these will provide a great unboxing experience to the customers. The ribbon pillow boxes are perfect for giving souvenirs and gifts to others.

Art Designs:

The customized pillow boxes can have special art patterns or designs. For example, intricate design is trending and looks elegant on anything. You can make these boxes with arts and designs printed on the boxes. For instance, stylish pillow boxes with art designs will be perfect for packaging luxury items. The expensive fabrics and jewelry items can be packaged in pillow boxes.

Colorful Contrast:

The colors have always been a useful tool to beautify anything. For example, with the correct color combinations, the packaging can look attractive and highly appealing. Also, many cosmetic items can be packaged in colorful boxes. There are many options and combinations possible. So using colors also allow diversity in packaging.

The color selection also depends upon the product and target audience. for example, the color choice for children will be a bright color, but for adults, it will be subtle colors. Thus, the color selection requires careful consideration. Although colors are a convenient tool, but incorrect use makes the packaging messy.

Thread and Stickers:

Threads can be used with Kraft pillow boxes. The Kraft pillow boxes have a natural appeal that will look aesthetically pleasing with a thread. These boxes will hold great eco-friendly significance. Many sellers make Kraft pillow boxes with a thread. Also, they embellish it with a sticker that naturally attracts attention. Thus, the thread and sticker combination can make pillow boxes appealing.


In conclusion, there is a range of innovative ways to make appealing pillow boxes. For this, the manufacturer has to use embellishments and advanced techniques to modify boxes. The common embellishment is ribbons, thread, and stickers, while the techniques are printing and window cuts. The colors and patterns are also used to make attractive boxes.

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