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Argentium Silver in San Saru Sterling Silver Jewellery

If you want to own an elegant ring without breaking the bank, choose from the wide selection of San Saru‘s sterling silver jewellery. You’ll find thin and delicate rings, as well as star, geometric, heart, and moon-shaped rings. Moreover, you can find an exquisite pair of earrings with silver stones from San Saru’s fine collection. San Saru’s expert sales team will help you choose the perfect fine silver ring to complement your outfit.

Fine silver

A great way to add some style to your everyday wardrobe is to invest in a piece of fine silver jewellery. There are many different styles available from thin, minimalistic chain bracelets to intricately shaped rings. You’re sure to find a ring to fit your style. Whether you’re wearing a basic t-shirt or jeans, a ring like this is a must-have. A ring with a simple yet elegant design will go with almost any outfit and is the perfect accessory for your everyday look.

Argentium silver

When buying silver jewellery, you may want to consider Argentium. This metal has a higher purity than sterling silver, 93.5%, but you should keep in mind that it will tarnish easily. To maintain the lustre of your Argentium silver jewellery, you should clean it frequently with a separate polishing cloth. It is also a good idea to keep it away from other jewellery to avoid scratching.

Argentium silver is nickel free

When you are in the market for a new ring or pair of earrings, you may want to consider buying an Argentium piece. This silver is nickel-free, and therefore safe for people with nickel allergies. This type of silver also has additional benefits, such as greater shine and resistance to tarnish. As an added bonus, this metal is also made from recycled silver.

Argentium silver is hypoallergenic

The new generation of silver alloys features Argentium. Developed by Peter Johns, this material is resistant to tarnish, a common problem with silver. This alloy also boasts an array of other properties. In addition to being hypoallergenic, it is resistant to oxidation, making it the perfect choice for jewellery. Argentium silver in San Saru Sterling Silver Jewellery is also plated with gold to increase its beauty.

Tibetan silver

You can buy Tibetan silver San Saru sterling jewellery from online retailers, but be aware of the dangers of these necklaces. These are made of an alloy of copper, tin, and nickel, which can cause allergies and other health problems. While some Tibetan silver pieces may be made of cast iron, most of the pieces are made of copper. A small amount of nickel is also common, but this is not a big problem.

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