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Microsoft Office 365 Backup: 4 Reasons which you need to know

Are you interested to know the reasons behind the Microsoft office 365 backup? This article talks about the main causes that you should back up your Microsoft 365 backup data and gives you easy steps to do this with NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

Let’s look at some of the reasons:

1. The Principle of Shared Responsibility

The idea of “Shared Responsibility” means that Microsoft and users of Microsoft 365 are both responsible for protecting data.

The Microsoft 365 platform and services are made available to customers worldwide. In contrast, Microsoft 365 customers are responsible for ensuring their data security. It is only through backups that deleted data can be recovered in Microsoft’s cloud-based office suite, even though the software has native data security tools for its customers.

2. The restrictions of native data protection

Microsoft 365 has built-in data security features. These functions are not a replacement for backups, but they can significantly improve data security.

OneDrive for Businesses and SharePoint online websites are just a few of the Microsoft 365 services that also include built-in protection against accidental deletions, hacker attacks, and insider threats.

3. Mistaken Deletes

Unexpected deletions frequently occur for a variety of causes. Because of a high workload or a lack of information about the significance of the data, a worker may erase it. The items that have been removed can be kept in the recycling bin for up to 30 days until being permanently deleted.

4. Internal and external dangers

Microsoft 365 data can be exposed to both internal and external risks. Cyber dangers, including ransomware and virus attacks, are examples of external risks. External threats are usually motivated by financial gain, but other factors are at play. Your competitors might conduct a cyberattack to steal your copyrights or damage your operations.

Current or former employees sometimes make internal threats. An unhappy employee can give hackers sensitive information like passwords or personal information. The info might be used by criminals to harm your system and steal or delete vital data.

Instead, an insider with detailed knowledge of your IT system can locate sensitive information and sell it to competitors.

After a hacking incident or a malicious activity, backups are the best option to restore your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. The attackers may be aware of how to harm your data and backups. Adding an extra backup copy at a secure offsite place is essential.

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