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Meaning of Death Was Arrested Lyrics

Meaning of Death Was Arrested Lyrics

If you are looking for the Meaning of Death Was Arrested lyrics, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about this song by Lane Crouch, how to play it, and the genre. We’ve also included links to download sheet music and videos. And don’t forget to check out our tutorial videos for more ideas! There are tons of ways to learn how to play Death Was Arrested. Check out the links below to get started!

Meaning of death was arrested lyrics

The meaning of death was arrested lyrics is based on a song by Alicia Keys about the death of her son. It describes the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen shot dead by a white man, George Zimmerman. This song has been gaining popularity across the country as many people feel it addresses vital truths in a compelling way. The context of the song is a powerful one for Christians, highlighting the importance of choosing a path in life and embracing the gospel.

Artist: Lane Crouch

When he first released Death was Arrested, a few critics questioned Crouch’s motivations. The song was a response to the recent death of his mother, and Crouch’s activism continued after the album’s release on a mainstream record label. The song also featured the singing of a choir. However, many critics argued that Crouch’s choir didn’t fit with the track’s lyrics. Fortunately, Crouch didn’t let his popularity hinder his songwriting.

In high school, Crouch formed a group called the COGICS (Church of God in Christ Singers). He and his twin sister Sandra were part of this group, but Preston left to pursue a career in secular music. Crouch continued his music education by attending Valley Junior College and LIFE Bible College. Afterward, he worked as a counselor for recovering drug addicts at the Teen Challenge Center. The Disciples was formed in the mid-1960s, and Crouch would play the lead role and perform on the group’s album Take the Message Everywhere.

Crouch’s solo career was launched in 1972, and his solo career rose steadily through the 1970s. His band, the Disciples, performed for sell-out Carnegie Halls in 1975 and 1979. Crouch and his Disciples introduced contemporary R&B styles into gospel, and their crossover gospel infused pop-style vocal arrangements with traditional Christian gospel themes. The result was a genre that straddled the worlds of soul and R&B.

Genre: country

In December, North Point Music’s “Death Was Arrested” hit the charts and hit the top spot in Christian and Gospel on iTunes. Although it is a country song, the lyrics are surprisingly inspirational. The song’s lyrics focus on a message of hope and redemption. The song was written and produced by North Point Ministries’ insideout band. While the lyrics may not be the most profound or catchy, they are a powerful testament to the band’s faith.

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