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Imlie Written Update

Imlie Written Update

A few weeks ago, Imlie wrote an update to her fans about her life and marriage. The post covered a number of topics including her distaste for Uday, her love life with Aditya, how she met Aryan and their infertility. Here are some of the other interesting points she mentioned. Read on to find out more! And don’t miss the next update to know what’s new! We’ll continue to follow this blog for more updates!

Imlie’s disliking of Uday

There are many instances when Imlie gets enraged over Uday’s misbehavior towards her. She even slaps him when he shows disrespect to her parents and the old lady. Then, she goes to the temple and confronts Nila and Sundar in front of the priests. This makes Imlie suspicious of Nila and Uday and forces her to go out.

Imlie’s relationship with Aditya

The plot of “Imlie’s Relationship With Aditya” revolves around a Delhi-based journalist named Aditya “Adi” Kumar Tripathi and the young girl Imlie. Aditya, a journalist, was in a relationship with Malini Chaturvedi for seven years. Both of them believed that their relationship was based on love and companionship, but eventually they decide to break up after realizing Kunal’s hidden intentions. While amidst their fight, Imlie is attacked by Satyakam, who is intent on killing Aditya.

Imlie’s marriage to Aryan

In the episode titled ‘Imlie’s marriage to Aryan,’ Imlie meets a mysterious woman named Jyoti, a college friend of Aryan’s. Jyoti is obsessive on the inside while being sweet on the outside. Imlie invites her to a dinner at the Rathore mansion. But soon after they get there, Jyoti tries to cause trouble between the two of them. She tries to murder her ex-husband’s sister, and Imlie is left with no choice but to seek help from Aryan.

Imlie’s infertility

The TV serial Imlie has been a hit for many reasons. It is a story about an unplanned pregnancy. When Imlie tells Aryan that she is pregnant, he is thrilled. He wants a child and is eager to be a father. But obstetrician Jyoti becomes suspicious when she hears about Imlie’s pregnancy. She presents Aryan with an infertility report and makes him question the loyalty and love of Imlie and Madhav.

Kairi’s character declaration

In Imlie’s written update, Kairi makes a statement that she does not want to drink alcohol. She explains that she is an unfortunate person whose family is not very rich and therefore, she may become ravenous when she sees all of the other people drinking liquor. As she does this, she flirts with Aryan and gets suspicious when he asks her to bring him some pasta.

Rupali’s intervention

Malini is angry at Rupali’s intervention in Imlie’s written update. Malini accuses Imlie of mishandling her and of losing Aditya, a friend who he is emotionally attached to. Rupali is convinced, but she asks Malini why she isn’t supportive of the relationship. Malini lashes out at Imlie for not being supportive of her new relationship.

Aparna’s intervention

As the episode begins, Aparna is planning to surprise Imlie and is concerned about how her sister will react to it. In order to keep the surprise a secret, Aparna has decided to call Imlie over to her house for dinner. But, when she is seated at the table with Imlie, she is suddenly interrupted by Harish. During the fight, Aparna cries out, saying that Imlie will humiliate her and so she wants to hide it. In a desperate attempt to cover her secret, Aparna tells Malini about her plans for Imlie’s surprise, but she hasn’t managed to get her answer and then Aditya overhears her conversation. Imlie says she has accepted Imlie as her daughter-in-law, but Aparna isn’t so sure.

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