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How To Support Your Friends Small Business

How To Support Your Friends Small Business

Every year more and more people are starting their own small businesses. More and more of your friends, relatives & colleagues are starting their own businesses and you don’t know what to do. Well, you can offer them support. 

There’s nothing more exciting than watching a friend start their own business. From the initial idea to the first sale, there’s a wonderful journey that we go on with them as they do what they love. Then when your friend asks you to support their small business with a purchase, it can be a bit of a headache. Here are a few ways that you can support your friend’s small businesses.

How To Support Your Friends Small Business

Here are a few tips: 

How To Support Your Friends Small Business

Give Them a Social Media Shoutout

Sometimes our friends need a little help getting started. In the beginning, it can be hard to get new customers to try your business, especially if they’re currently buying from a competitor. But sometimes the best way to help out a friend is to simply help them spread the word. If you’re a regular customer of your friends, give them a shoutout on social media. Let them know you support their small business and that you think they’re doing a great job. Your small gesture could lead to some big results.

Purchase Their Products

Instead of thinking of your friend’s small business as competition, think of them as a partner. You can help promote their business by buying their products and telling your friends about it. Your friend’s small businesses will feel encouraged and more motivated to do better. In return, they can help promote your business as well.

Talk About Them at Networking Events

When you meet people, talk about them. Talk about their business. Be genuine and sincere about it, but talk about them. People love being talked about. If you know someone who is starting a business, tell everyone you know about it. Ask them to tell everyone they know about it. Does this help support their business? Yes, it does.

How To Support Your Friends Small Business

Write A Review for Them 

When you have friends who own businesses, you want to help them succeed. One of the best ways you can help is by writing a review of their business. Reviews are one of the single most important factors in the success of a small business. It’s important to remember to be as honest as possible in your review. If you have a friend that has a business that you don’t feel is worth your time, don’t be afraid to say so.

Tell your friends and family

Tell your friends and family about the business owners you know! For example, if there’s someone you know who is starting a shop or a company in which they’ll be selling a particular product, consider letting your friends and family know about it! If you were recently speaking to a close friend of yours who opened up their own shop for selling baby accessories, for example, you might want to let others in your life know about that too. You never know what might happen if you put the word out there.

Pin their product images to your Pinterest! 

When you pin their products to a Pinterest board that is dedicated to the niche, this will help people who follow you to see what they have to offer if they become customers.

Let’s Sum Up

We hope you enjoyed our post on How To Support Your Friends Small Business. With this knowledge, we know that you can help grow the small businesses that you care about by spreading the word about the amazing products or services they provide. So what are you waiting for? 

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