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How To Send A Picture On Tinder – 3 ways that work

There is presently no formal way to share pictures with Tinder users. However, if you’re a little smart, you can get around this restriction and email your Tinder match photos for free. In this blog article, we’ll tell you how to send a picture on Tinder to your Tinder mates in three different ways. We’ll also go through how to send gifs on Tinder at the end of the article.

3 Easy Ways about How to Send a Picture on Tinder

Is it possible to send pictures on Tinder?

Tinder allowed its users to share images, but this is no longer applicable. We believe that Tinder disabled this option due to a large number of NSFW photos getting received through the app.

However, if you’re a little more clever, you may still utilize some alternative strategies to send photos over Tinder messaging, though still not directly. We’ve mentioned three tricks in the sections below.

1. How To Share Pictures Through A Link on Tinder

This is the simplest option, but it is also the trickiest part. Tinder messages do not allow you to send links. The system can easily find a link, and then you can be reported for them and immediately banned.

If you really need to send a photo in a Tinder message, there is a technique. This is the best option, but even if you use it, your Tinder account may be suspended.

So, here’s is the way you can use to share photos on Tinder by including a link in your messages:

  1. Use a commonly used image-sharing site like imgur.com to post the picture you wish to send to your Tinder mate.
  2. Copy the URL and paste the link inside the message.
  3. However, when sending the message, add spaces just after dots in the URL (the Tinder algorithm would miss this method).
  4. Inform to your match to cut and paste the text you have sent to him/her and remove the spaces from the link.
  5. Now your tinder mate may see the Tinder photo you wished to send.

This is the nearest you’ll get to share a picture directly through Tinder message, but be careful. This trick works, but it can also get the account banned if you aren’t careful.

2. Upload a photo on your Tinder profile

Uploading the picture to your profile as the last position is a good solution, although it’s a bit awkward.

Tinder has doubled the number of profile photos you may upload, so you’ll even have another option to add a photo to your profile.

So, upload the photo you want to send as a profile photo, and afterward, tell your match to look at your most recent photo in the Tinder profile.

We wouldn’t call it a smooth way, but it does the job and isn’t in violation of Tinder’s guidelines.

3. To be able to send the pictures, you need to get her off Tinder

As you’ll see, each of the techniques we mentioned before can be used to send funny images, but they are not the most effective.

As a result, our preferred method of sending photographs to your Tinder connection is to get her contact information and then send the picture to her via any other social or messaging service that allows you to share pictures.

This is a fantastic Tinder trick for obtaining someone’s contact information. Tell her you’d like to share a picture, but you won’t be able to do so on Tinder, and that you’d like her phone number. This is quite effective.


A lot of people ask us about how to send a picture on Tinder. It’s actually quite simple! Here we shared the 3 different ways to send a picture on Tinder. Moreover, If you are on a desktop, you can upload a picture from your computer by clicking on the camera icon in the top left corner of your screen.

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