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How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft

How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft

In Minecraft, we can tame several mobs which include Wolves, cats, foxes, ocelots, axolotls, horses, donkeys, mules, llamas, and last but not least, parrots. You can ride many other animals in Minecraft but parrots are different in the way that they have the ability to make sounds of other mobs. The player can keep a parrot as a pet. They could be annoying for the player sometimes as they constantly sit on the player’s shoulder and follow the player. While other mobs do not do so.

Are you a gamer and love to play Minecraft in your free time? Are you fed up with the parrot that continuously sits on your shoulder and makes playing difficult and has a question in your mind about how to get parrot off shoulder Minecraft? If yes, then this article will surely be helpful for you. You’ll come to know how to get parrot off shoulder Minecraft.

Here are some ways by which tamed parrots can be removed:

How to Get Parrot Off Shoulder Minecraft – A Complete Overview

At first, parrots should be tamed by the Minecraft player in order to have this issue resolved. Parrots used to live in jungle biomes. They have the ability to spawn in five colors which are “blue, red, cyan, green and gray”.

Players can tame the parrots by giving them food in the form of seeds. These seeds include pumpkin seeds, beetroot seeds, wheat seeds, and melon seeds. A parrot can be tamed to about 33% by one seed.

Drawbacks of a parrot sitting on the shoulder

While playing the game, the parrot continues to walk and move on the player’s shoulder which may be irritating for the player.

Sometimes, when they are not sitting, they randomly roost on the shoulder of the player. When this happens, it becomes very ticklish to get rid of them.

How to get the parrot Off your character’s Shoulder

There are many ways by which we can remove the parrot from the character’s shoulder when it becomes annoying for the Minecraft player. Some of the easiest ways are discussed below:

1.    Decreasing the elevation:

It’s an easy way to get rid of the parrot sitting on the shoulder. In this method, the player has to simply decrease the elevation. It may be done by climbing down some blocks, going underwater, or flying in the downward direction by using Elytra.

2.    Killing them:

Another most simple and uncomplicated method is to kill the parrot and take up the string. This is the most useful method to serve this purpose.

3.    Taking the damage:

Daring to damage the character in-game is also found to be an effective technique to remove the parrot from the shoulder. Well, this method is quite audacious and adventurous for the player as it involves damage.

4.    Feet in water:

When both the feet of the character are submerged into the water, the parrot dismounts or goes away from the player.

5.    Drowning:

Another technique for the removal of parrots is the drowning of the player. When the player begins to drown, the parrot simply dismount.

6.    Typing a command:

Sometimes, the Minecraft player may type a command to release the parrot. Following commands can be used: “parrot release, release shoulders, prel, and eject shoulders”.

7.    Converting parrots into eggs:

Another simple method is to convert the parrot back into egg form. The commands or passwords typically used for this purpose are Pegg, parrot eggify, eggs, eggy shoulders, and left/right/both. This process happens only in town areas.

8.    Avoiding the parrot:

Once you are free from the parrot, you should try to avoid the bird from landing on the character’s shoulder.


Many players ask the question: how to get parrot off shoulder Minecraft? If you are one of them, then this article is made for you. There are many ways by which you can get rid of those parrots when they become annoying like climbing down some blocks, getting the character a little damaged, drowning your character, sleeping in bed, putting the head in lava, submerging the feet in the water and last but not least, simply killing the parrot. Typing of command is also a very common method by which a parrot changes into the egg.

Hope this article will be extremely beneficial for you guys and you will entirely understand all the things regarding how to get parrot off shoulder minecraft!

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