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How Long Does a Lace Front Wig Last

A lot of people wonder about How Long Does a Lace Front Wig Last? Lace front wigs are typically utilized by a lot of women who really want makeup naturally. The human hair lace wigs for women are really famous in the market & there are many kinds of human wigs. However, lace front wigs are generally more comfortable and lighter as compared to the regular ones.

There are some more essential factors that affect the life cycle of the lace front wigs & here’s a quick yet comprehensive guide for you to know all about how long the face front wigs will last & how to take care of them perfectly. So, let’s get started;

How long typically do lace front wigs for women last?

How Long Does a Lace Front Wig Last is a very common question many people ask who look to buy a wig. Human hair lace fronts typically last six to twelve months, but if you take care of them, they may be worn for up to two years.

It’s up to you to choose how long human hair wigs for black women to endure. The life expectancy of human hair wigs may also be affected by several variables.

What factors will greatly affect the lifecycle of your lace wigs?

As long as you take proper care of your 100% human hair lace front wigs, they may be worn for a year or more on average.

As far as wigs for black women go, it all relies on how you take care of them. In addition, there are other elements that might affect the lifespan of human hair wigs.

1.   Lace front wigs –Quality

The frontal lace wig’s material is critical to its longevity. With undamaged cuticles, virgin human hair lasts longer. Remy human hair, on the other hand, requires more care and has a shorter lifetime than natural human hair since it lacks cuticles.

2.   Lace front wig – Color

Straight and darker lace wigs take less processing, whereas curly hair and lighter hues need more time and attention. Your virgin human front wigs’ lifespan will be shortened as a result of this. Colored frontal hairpieces and lace front wigs made of blonde human hair provide a shorter service life than genuine black wigs. With careful care, a wig made from processed hair may last for six months, which is a reasonable amount of time.

3.   Lace front wig – Maintenance

In short, the more you take care of your hair, the longer it lasts!

The lifespan of a high-quality frontal wig may be extended by many years with regular maintenance and avoiding daily use. With two or three lace fronts, you can get the greatest use out of them if you change them every week or so.

How to make your lace front wigs last really longer?

So you would better do something right to expand your hair life.

Everyone wants to use the wigs to last for a long time span but doesn’t really know how to do that. But No Worries!

Here are some of the pro tips for you:

Remove any knots from your hair products carefully before washing. A light shampoo or one particularly made for chemically treated hair should be used at all times.

Avoid getting wet. The hair may get tangled if they are soaked. Apply a tiny quantity of shampoo to damp hair and work it through with your fingertips to distribute it evenly throughout the hair.

Wash your hair with warm water (not hot). Work the shampoo efficiently into your hair gently, stroking downwards completely from the top to bottom. Do not scrub, rub, or twist the hair.

Apply a little amount of a good conditioner by using your fingers and evenly distribute it to the hair thoroughly.

Dry your hair by hanging, placing on rollers, or using a low-heat blow dryer. Wash your human hair products less often than your own hair, just when they seem dull and lifeless.


It lasts as long as your hair is healthy. Plus, the answer to the question “How Long Does a Lace Front Wig Last” will also rely on your lace wig’s care. How frequently do you wash your wig? Is your water hot? How is your wig? What do you put in your wig? In general, the longevity of a lace front wig depends on your hair and how you care for it. Your lace wig will last longer if it is healthy and well cared for.Good luck, folks!

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