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Hipod Camera and Its key Feature

Do you want to capture high-resolution videos and photos? Each time you go outside or you attend an event, it’s a wonderful opportunity to capture your memories. However, without having a higher resolution camera, you are unable to save your memories. Here you can know more about key features of the Hipod camera.


Light weighted Camera:

This is travel friendly and its weight is just 50lbs.You can capture all your outdoor and indoor memories using this camera. The most exciting quality of the Hipod camera is that it can capture aerial video footage in full HD action and resolution.

Compatible Design:

This is more compatible due to the lightweight aluminum frame. High carbon fiber makes it more durable and flexible. More specifically its telescoping pole extends up to 21 feet high and due to its spin-based, you can rotate this in any direction. The spin base can be adjusted in all directions and the user doesn’t need to change its location.

Capture HD Images and videos :

Other wonderful features allow users to capture high-definition videos and images. For example, you can set frame ratio up to 1920 x1080 and these can be easily used on YouTube and other social media sites.

8-Inch HDMI Monitor:

Hipod camera has Best-innovative 8 inch screen and facilitates users to display output in aspect ratio 120-x720.While monitor works for displaying menu options, reviewing photos, and serving as a live viewfinder. Unlike traditional screens. Hipod has a pro-style lens, pixel magnification, and power-saving mode.

Multiple Battery & Charging Options:

A photographer uses a camera for several hours and therefore on customer need this camera facilities user to use the camera for at least 4 to 10 hours. On average a user can capture up to 350 to 400 shots with one-time battery life. Hipod has AC/DC adapter with rechargeable batteries. Additionally, its battery includes a super-charged external battery pack and auto power saving modes which enables high performance and great outcomes to the professional level. Powerful and rechargeable batteries allow users to use the camera for long hours.

Portable Professional Adjustable Camera Tripod

Another key feature Hipod camera is that it has a professional and portable Tripod stand. User can increase its height or decrease its height by using adjustable screws. This can be adjusted at different heights. Its base and extendable legs can be adjusted on any smooth or right surface. The good news is that its bases and legs are coated with anodized aluminum which saves it from rusting or corrosion.

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