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Free versus Paid SSL Certificates: Which one to buy?

When you have assets, your priority is to secure them. Similarly, websites need to be secured as they are your online assets. Whether it is a blogging website or a business website, you need encryption. More particularly, if you are running a social or eCommerce website, where you collect user data, encryption is a must to avoid hackers’ access.

These days, hacking activities are so common that it becomes a challenge to protect your website. Internet users acknowledge the privacy threats and prefer visiting websites that have SSL certificates enabled. SSL certificates play 2 roles, first, they protect your site from hacker attacks, second, they improve web rankings. This blog explains which SSL certificates are better; free or paid.

Choosing the SSL Certificates

Free SSL certificate is available for free and only allows HTTPS redirection. It will provide the same encryption as the SSL Certificates. You may purchase SSL certificates from CA direct or a third-party (reseller). When both the certificates are offering the same level of encryption, then why should you pay? Here are some reasons!

1.   Features

The free SSL certificate doesn’t offer as many features as the paid version. It features DV that provide a primary level of authentication. Bloggers may use free SSL certificates. If you want OV and EV features, then buy a paid version. It is the prime choice for business sites.

2.   Business Verification

Free SSL certificates only verify the site owner’s identity and not the business details. Whereas, paid SSL certificates not only verify the owner’s identity but also the business verification as it offers OV and EV certificates.

3.   How long are they effective?

When you use a free SSL certificate, you have to renew it after a month or a maximum of 3 months. Whereas, you may buy paid versions for one to two years. In this case, it is more convenient to use paid SSL certificates.

4.   Support

Free SSL certificates have no customer support system while paid versions offer live chats or email customer support platforms. It is up to you how you contact them, either through live chat or emails. It is not affordable for free SSL certificates providers to offer support options. In this case, explore forums to find the answer.

Take Away!

You should buy SSL certificates for complete business site encryption. There are many online sellers including DigiCert. Free SSL certificates are a better choice when you are short on budget and run a blogging site. The more secure your site is, the more users will trust your business.

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