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Command R not Working on MacBook

Command R not Working on MacBook

What should you do if Mac Internet Recovery isn’t working or you can’t get into recovery mode on your Mac? It will also include information on how to access recovery on an M1 Mac.

You will also need to reinstall your Mac operating system if you have a significant problem with it. Installing your Mac Recovery partition or Mac Internet Recovery is an easy way to achieve this. On an Intel Mac, the Recovery function is accessed by pressing Command + R on the keyboard (the process on an M1 Mac is significantly different, as we will explain below). But what should you do if Mac recovery mode or Command R not working on MacBook?

Below, we’ll focus on the best solutions to all these issues. We have a separate post where you can learn how to restore Mac OS using Recovery Mode (via the link above).

A complete guide on Command r not working on MacBook


What is Mac Recovery?

Most people wouldn’t care about their hard drives (or, more accurately, SSDs) in regards to divisions. They regard the entire journey as a single entity. A hard disc is usually a single volume that is partitioned or divided into various regions called segments or volumes. Consider your hard drive to be a house, with partitions representing separate rooms.

You’re always seeing one room in the house, the one where your Desktop, Folders, and Applications are stored. However, there are four partitions, one of which is used in the event that you need to entirely reinstall the OS macOS (or Mac OS X on really old Macs).

Even if you clean your Mac completely and start over, the Recovery partition should always be present, allowing you to reinstall macOS, restore from a Time Machine backup, and repair or delete your hard drive. Here, we take a closer look at what else you can do in Recovery mode.

When Command+R doesn’t function, how do you get into Recovery mode?

The first step you should do is restarting your Mac and pressing Command and R again as soon as it starts up. The second time around, it might work. If you already have an M1 Mac, you must start in Recovery mode by following these steps:

  1. Turn the Mac off.
  1. Activate the device by pressing and holding the on button.
  1. When the Apple logo displays, information will show notifying you that you may reach startup choices if you continue to hold the power button.
  1. After a while, you’ll be able to pick Options > Continue, which will take you to recovery.

Apple also provides a ‘fallback recovery option’ for M1 Macs, which is mentioned there. In this instance, you should press the power button twice: first, release it, and then press and hold it down. You’ll have access to a backup repository of the recovery as a result of this.

If Command + R doesn’t work, there are a couple of alternative options for forcing your Mac to boot into recovery mode. You could also use the following commands from Apple:

You can use Internet Recovery Mode, which we’ll go over in more depth later. If you can’t obtain your Mac’s Recovery disc, this approach will install a version of macOS out from the net, which may be a solution.

  • When you first boot up, press Option/Alt + Command + R to activate Internet Recovery Mode.

After entering this mode, you’ll be able to connect to an Apple server and download the latest version of macOS. It will be the most recent macOS version that is suitable for your Mac. It’ll also install the edition provided with your Mac if you’re not operating Sierra 10.12.4 or later.

Try this if you would not want to download the most recent version of macOS:

  • If you’re running Sierra 10.12.4 or later, Shift + Option/Alt + Command R will download the version of macOS, which is included with your Mac, or the nearest one that’s currently available.


In this article, we have shared the solutions when the command R not working on MacBook. We hope this will be very helpful to resolve your command R working issue. If you still don’t understand or get your solution to this issue, we recommend visiting more different articles to get the right solution.

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