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5 keys to healing from child sexual abuse trauma

Worldwide, sexual abuse figures are worryingly increasing and, despite constant efforts to curb this pandemic of sexual abuse, the number of victims continues to rise in many countries. In the face of this unstoppable juggernaut, it is essential to ask how to heal from child sexual abuse trauma.

Statistically, it has been shown that a large proportion of sexual abuse victims worldwide are children. According to the Centers for Disease Control in the United States, at least 1 in 5 children are victims of child sexual abuse.

The consequences that this type of aggression can cause in a victim are many, and many of them usually affect mental health, causing great traumas that can significantly damage the life of the affected minor.

For this reason, in this article, you will find useful information on how to heal trauma due to sexual abuse in children, endorsed by Yo Digo No Más, a worldwide movement against sexual abuse

Breaking the silence

The first step in breaking through the trauma that a case of sexual abuse may have caused a victim is to talk about what happened. While this can be particularly difficult for children because of the fear they may feel about what happened, it is important to be alert to signs that may indicate that a child has been a victim of sexual abuse.

If any suspicious behaviour is detected that may be indicative of a possible case of sexual abuse, it is important to provide full support to the child in question, so that he or she can feel confident to talk about any problems that have made him or her uncomfortable in a given situation.

Avoiding guilt

Once the case of sexual abuse that the child has suffered is confirmed, it is key to avoid making the child feel guilty for the acts of violence and abuse that he or she has suffered. This is one of the most common feelings in victims of this type of scourge, but it can worsen the victim’s emotional state.

It is essential to make her understand that nothing that happened is her fault and that everything in life has a solution, which together you can find. The only one to blame for the situation is the perpetrator of the sexual abuse of the minor.

Make them feel accompanied

Often when people ask themselves how to heal trauma from sexual abuse in children, they forget the importance of making them feel supported and accompanied at all times, in order to avoid the fear that can cause the vulnerability that may exist before the person who has committed the acts of abuse against the child.

For this, it is ideal to prevent the child from spending time alone with people with whom he/she does not feel comfortable, provide protection in situations where they may feel at risk, among other ways in which the child can feel safe and protected.

Recreational activities

One of the main keys in determining how to heal sexual abuse trauma in children is to make sure that the child engages in activities that keep him or her constantly busy and distracted to avoid thoughts or memories of those dark moments of which he or she was a victim.

Whether it’s outdoor play, a walk to the park, or even educational activities, each of these can help the child avoid reliving the terrible experience of sexual abuse.

Seek professional help

While each of the above recommendations are highly effective, it is also true that professional psychological help is never too much to ask for in this type of situation. It is important to disconnect that chip that many people have, which makes them think that psychological therapy is only for “crazy” people.

Seeking professional help is essential to overcome any type of trauma that is wreaking havoc on a person’s mental health, and when wondering how to heal trauma from sexual abuse in children, this is usually one of the main keys.

Why is it important to know how to heal child sexual abuse trauma?

When suffering an episode of sexual abuse, a child’s innocence is completely shattered, causing significant mental health damage through severe trauma that will cause them to develop consequences so severe, they can even be life-threatening.

A case of sexual abuse does not have to become a death sentence for a minor. By following each of the above-mentioned keys on how to heal child sexual abuse trauma, the life of a child victim of sexual abuse can be saved, allowing him to heal the emotional wounds and rewrite his story to live a bright, healthy and safe future.

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